Happy Retirement Grey letters on white ribbon

12 Personalized Gift Ideas for your Retiring Coworker

Looking for an alternative gift to the traditional watch and card for your retiring coworker?
Here are 12 ideas of handmade and customizable gifts from Etsy to bring a smile to your deserving colleague.

Retirement Party Sash

Funny Retirement Sash
“I’m Retired Bitches” sash

You can personalize the sash by choosing your font, message, and colors.
There can be up to 30 characters on the sash.

Buy it at Etsy

School Bus Driver Keychain
You can choose the birthstone and an initial to customize this keychain

Customized School Bus Driver Keychain
Buy it at Etsy

Custom Embroidery Hoop

Retired not tired Embroidery
Buy it at Etsy

Quitter Card
When unfolded, the message is: You so loved to work – leaving must’ve been such a hard decision. But I’m quite sure it’s for the better. Congratulations!

Quitter Greeting Card
Buy it at Etsy

Quitter Ribbon

Gold Stamped
A fun token for the retiring athlete – especially if they’re into races, marathons, and competitions

Buy it at Etsy

Necklace for Retiring Teacher, Principal or Nurse

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of students
Choose between engraving the message with students, everyone, children patients, or all staff

Buy it at Etsy

Retirement label for Crown Royal Whiskey

Customized Crown Royal Label
You can choose between downloading a digital file to print yourself or having it printed and sent to you.

Buy it at Etsy

Retirement Gag Gift – Official Retirement Papers

Official Retirement Papers gag gift
For those looking for other poop jokes, there are funny messages on The Writings on the Roll store

Buy it at Etsy

Retirement Fishing Lure

Retirement fishing lures
For the fly-fisher on your team

Buy it at Etsy

Monogrammed Personalized Whistle Perfect Gift for Coaches

Engraved Whistle
Buy it at Etsy

 Folded Book Art – Retired

OrderyoursatFolded Book Art

Order yours at Etsy

Happy Retirement letter banner on ribbon

Happy Retirement Banner
Choose the colour of the letters and the ribbon

Order yours on Etsy

Find more personalized banners to decorate your colleague’s office or cubicle at Pretty Smart Guide on Etsy.

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