DIY – How to Upcycle Desktop Calendars into Greeting Cards

It’s been a few crazy weeks here in the Pacific Northwest. Though we thought we were about to head into warmer spring-like weather, we had a few days of snow, snow and more snow. To make it more of a challenge, try adding coordination of moving departments into a new building and new areas.

While figuring out what items to bring over to my new desk in the new building, I found a stack of paper desktop calendar pages stowed away in one of my desk drawers. For the past few months, I have been adding these quotes of inspiration to various bulletin boards around the office to share.

At this moment, our office is mostly set-up. There’s coffee and snacks flowing, along with laughter around our new cubicles, desks and seating. Though a few small touches like missing tables in new boardrooms and bulletin boards are missing (for now), I’d thought I would upcycle these quotes into new blank greeting cards of encouragement to pass forward.

Do you have desktop calendar pages sitting around? Why not convert them to cards?

Video Tutorial

What you will need


How to Upcycle Desktop Calendar Pages into Greeting Cards

There you have it – Upcycled Desktop Calendar Blank Greeting Cards

In a rush?

Buy a mystery pack of blank greeting cards on Etsy.

Free Shipping!

To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8th, I will also have random, upcycled cards of inspirational quotes by women available for the month of March on Etsy.

Quotes by inspirational women


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