3 Things that I wish I knew about Owning a Clothes Steamer

Sigh. It’s been several weeks and I finally gave up on resuscitating my Rowenta Precision Valet garment steamer. I am deciding whether to leave it in our communal laundry room for someone to take or to pass it along to someone who is patient enough to run water through it to descale further.

rowenta precision valet
Good as dead

I bought this Rowenta steamer when Target was still around in Canada more than three years ago. Out of the appliances in my studio condo, this was one of the major purchases I made after my hot water boiler and my Dyson Animal vacuum. (Though I don’t have a dog or cat living with me, when I had longer hair, I tend to shed as much as one, hence the investment for a higher-end machine.)

I am really disappointed because I thought my Rowenta garment steamer would last longer as I only steamed my clothes once every 2 to 3 months. Initially this appliance was purchased for the intent of cutting down on dry-cleaning costs and to minimize my frustration in adding wrinkles when I used a flat iron. (I have no idea how to iron Douglas’ shirts without adding more wrinkles.

If you’re in the market for your first clothes steamer machine, here are three things I wish I knew about buying my own:

1) Read and Follow the instruction manual

by Ivory Mix
Even just a quick glance

When I first bought the steamer, I read the manual. I admit that these days I don’t remember much of it. Which leads to number two…

2) Clean and Descale often

Clear as day
Clear as day

I wish I found an instructional video that showed how to clean my steamer in an easy way. Too bad there weren’t any instructional videos on “How to clean my Rowenta Precision Valet.” And I wish I scheduled descaling on a monthly basis, like how my Dyson has a sticker on one of the parts to remind owners to clean it once a month.

3) Use the steamer in other ways

Knit stone footstools
Knit stone footstools

During the summer, I like to pop-in to the marketplace tradeshow area at the Pacific National Exhibition, our annual fair in Vancouver, to check out the latest home gadgets. I remember for several years that the steam mop or floor cleaner was a popular booth for demos.

Did you know that you can use your clothes steamer to tackle other dirt and grime around the house, like cleaning your couch and carpet? On Apartment Therapy, they share 9 Surprising things you can do with a Clothes Steamer.

I hope you will use your garment steamer as much as possible in between many cleanings and descalings. I hope with the new refurbished Rowenta iron and steamer that I ordered from Best Buy will last much longer with more care and attention.

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