Warm Welcome with Quaker Oatmeal

Breakfast is one of those meals that we all know is important, and I admit there are times where I rush off to work without it. Usually I start my day later than the other staff as I like to stay late in the office where I need a quiet environment to work on certain tasks. One morning, I arrived earlier in the office and found many staff members shuffling back and forth with their instant oatmeal. Switching up my mornings, I decided to keep a box of instant oatmeal in my desk for whenever I forget to eat something earlier before arriving at the office.

With the weather getting colder on my commute, I was also reminded of the latest cause marketing campaign that Quaker Canada launched this winter.

For over 100 years, the Quaker® brand has been warming Canadian families with bowls of hot, delicious oatmeal so they can have a good start to their day.

As a brand with a long history of supporting local communities and those who are in need, Quaker® understands that for some, not being able to get warm can be a barrier to a good start.

Many newcomers to Canada have never experienced a cold Canadian winter, and with half of all newcomers identifying as in-need, many will be without the essentials to stay warm this winter!

This year, the Quaker® brand will be warming Canadians from the inside, out. With the purchase of specially-marked Quaker products, you can help give the gift of a warm winter coat to a newcomer in-need.

Learn more at Quaker #WarmWelcome.

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