Foodie Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

With the weather being very cold, windy and rainy lately on the west coast, Douglas and I have been getting our steps in on weekends by exploring shops and stores under cozy roof-tops. And in between our stops, we have been wandering around seeing more advent calendar ideas, especially with snacks and other foodie goodness.

Here are some advent calendar gift ideas for foodies on your list:

Countdown to Christmas Tea Advent Calendar

Tea Calendar
Open a numbered door each day of December before Christmas to find a tea bag containing a variety of Palais des Thés’ best-selling flavors and varietals.

HARIBO Advent Calendar
haribo advent calendar candy
Count down to Christmas with Haribo Candy with a mixture of fruit and cola flavour chewy sweets, marshmallows, liquorice and gums made in Germany.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar
Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar
Count down the days to Christmas with your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, with each window containing a yummy chocolate and a lovely saying for the holidays.

REESE Holiday Advent Calendar
REESE Holiday Advent Calendar Chocolate
For the peanut-butter-chocolate lover on your list, share an advent calendar revealing a Reese’s pieces for each day until Christmas.

Mars Chocolate Advent Calendar

Mars Chocolate Advent Calendar
Imported from England for the holidays, go for a different Mars Bar chocolate treat behind each door while counting down the days to Christmas.

Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar
Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar 128 g Featuring Richard Brodeur Hockey Art Vancouver Canucks Edition
This chocolate advent calendar by Lindt features Hockey Art of the Vancouver Canucks by Richard Brodeur.

Happy Holidays!

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