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Celebrating Change-makers at WE Day Vancouver 2017

WE Day an international series of stadium-sized life changing events, bringing together world renowned speakers and performers. This October, we gathered with 20,000 students and educators at Rogers Arena to celebrate the contributions of young people.

Alongside partners led by national co-title sponsors RBC and Telus, with celebrity speakers, renowned performers, and global thought leaders, WE Day Vancouver celebrated the remarkable stories of people creating change.

Rogers Arena in Vancouver full of 20,000 change-making students and educators for WE Day Vancouver

Every year I’m inspired by these change-makers determined to make the world a better place through various actions of support for local and global causes. This year WE Day celebrates the theme Generation WE, when people come together and show their collective strength in numbers, with the power to change local landscapes for good. Generation WE is also about tackling global and local issues to expand horizons to build worldwide cultural and social bridges.

One of the inspiring stories of kindness and change shared was by Aysha Emmerson, an inspiring young advocate for mental health. She shared her journey through mental health struggles she fought through. When she was under 12 years old, she was the youngest person in the eating disorders department of BC Children’s Hospital. Through actions of others leaving words of strength on the whiteboard, sharing pictures, holding each and crying together, these displays of kindness by other patients helped her grow stronger as she fought through combats. From this experience, she discovered that women can take amazing strides when they support one another.

“Your words and actions are only in control. So use them to inspire and empower. Use them to break down stigmas, use them to change the world.”

Today she is using her passion in self confidence to empower young women to love themselves and each other. Her experiences led her to start the idea of SELF.I.E Camp, a special one-week long summer camp which stands for self-inspiration and empowerment. The themes of empowerment in this camp included Self-Care, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, ‎Self-Defence and Self-to-others.

Living WE
More than just a one day event, WE Day is connected to the free, year-long educational program WE Schools, providing schools and community groups with curriculum, educational resources and action campaigns. The program is designed to enhance a school’s existing social initiatives or spark new ones. WE Schools encourages students to further their curriculum though learning and developing life skills for success beyond the classroom.

What if you were looking to be part of the WE Movement, but you’re not a young student or educator? As WE Day and WE Schools are part of WE, there are other organizations in this family of enterprises making doing good, doable, that you can choose to be a part of. Some ideas featured during WE Day Vancouver include:

Saves lives through Recycling Batteries with Teck

WE Day battery collection

The Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycling Campaign provides We Day participants with the opportunity to reduce the amount of electronic waste in landfills and help save a child’s life. Teck has been raising awareness about Zinc & Health at We Day as a National Platinum Sponsor since 2011.

Every AA battery contains the amount of zinc needed to save the lives of six children. For every battery recycled during the campaign, Teck will donate the value of zinc it contains to UNICEF in support of our Zinc & Health partnership in India.

Teck has partnered with UNICEF since 2009 in Nepal, Peru and Namibia, and recently announced a $5 million partnership to scale up access to zinc and oral rehydration salts in India.

Find a drop-off location via Call2Recycle.

Give Clean Water through the ME to WE DAVIDsTEA Collection

ME to WE tea

Partnered with WE, each purchase from their ME to WE collection gives one to two weeks of clean water to a developing community in Kenya.

Shop their collection .

Share Gifts from ME to WE

Make an Impact Rafiki Series supporting the causes of education, nutrition, health, clean water and entrepreneurship

Purchase a rafiki that supports the cause that you care about.

For example, the Education Rafiki gives school supplies to a child in a developing community, providing them with the knowledge and skills to create a brighter future. With the WE Believe Rafiki, this gives a child in a developing community access to one year of education, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to create a brighter future.  Every purchase of the Food Rafiki gives access to nutritious food, school gardens and agricultural training, to lead to children staying well-nourished to able to help their communities grow sustainable food sources. The Opportunity Rafiki gives financial literacy training to a woman in a developing community, empowering her to generate a sustainable source of income, build her savings or start her own business.


This #GirlLove Rafiki Bracelet supports Lilly’s mission to end girl-on-girl hate. Each Rafiki gives a girl in Kenya the opportunity to go to primary school.

Learn more about the WE Movement and find more ideas on how you can get involved at WE.org.

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