Black Cat Awareness Month

After the unexpected long hot and humid summer we had over here on the West Coast, I’m glad that it’s already October. With that comes with more holidays and even more excuses to celebrate. To start off with my search for special days, I learned that October isn’t only known for Halloween and Thanksgiving for Canadians, but for other times of action like Black Cat Awareness Month.

What is Black Cat Awareness Month? Why is there a Black Cat Awareness Month?
According to a lot of people in many cultures consider black cats to be bad omens, thus this leads to many black cats across shelters to be less likely to be adopted.  Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike, but many black cats are also prone to acts of cruelty during the month of October.

Ideas to Celebrate Black Cat Awareness Month

Dress as black cat inpajamas

Stay dry during the rainy days with a cute black cat umbrella

Or stay warm with a beanie with cute cat ears

Get your cat eye liner game on with this cute makeup tool

Send a card to your Cat Parent friends

Support your local animal shelter

There are endless ways to support your local animal shelters through adoption, donations, volunteering and sharing news. See more ideas at Ways to Help at BC SPCA  and Support VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue).

Happy Black Cat Awareness Month, everyone!
If there’s other holidays or days you would like me to feature gift ideas for, please leave a comment below.

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