#CaribooCares campaign

This summer was a scorcher across many areas in Canada, especially across towns in British Columbia. BC Wildfire Forest Service declared this summer to be the worst season ever for wildfires. Over 900,000 hectares were burned from over 1,000 fires across BC since this April.

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) and those who love the Cariboo family of beers are joining forces in September to raise funds to plant thousands of trees next spring.

Starting Sept. 1st, 2017, PWB will dedicate 25 cents from every six-pack of Cariboo product sold (in the month of September) to help BC grow back from this summer’s wildfire devastation.

The brewery has contracted with Summit Reforestation to begin planting trees in the spring of 2018.

“Look for the ‘Cariboo Cares’ poster in your neighbourhood liquor store, pop in, grab a six-pack of Cariboo and enjoy the feeling of helping in BC’s reforestation efforts in a time of historic need,” he says.

Some campaign highlights to date include:

For the next time you’re visiting friends, pick up a six-pack of Cariboo Beer to help with Cariboo’s Reforestation project.

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