Ideas to help those affected by #HurricaneHarvey by @Honest

Locally on the west coast, this summer we have experienced such dry and hot sunny days, unlike the usual cooler sometimes rainy days in Vancouver of past summers. With many factors contributing to climate change globally, this in turn affects different communities across the world.

Over the past few days, I have been seeing updates of Hurricane Irma in Florida and those who are recovering from the recent events of Hurricane Harvey in late August. From Honestly, The Honest Company’s blog, came ideas for those looking to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and natural disasters:

The Texas Diaper Bank is actively distributing Honest disaster relief kits to those in need. With the help of Baby2Baby and National Diaper Bank Network, The Honest Company is donating an additional 125,000+ products — including 1.5 million Honest diapers, feminine care products, infant formula, cleaning and personal care products — to local nonprofits supporting areas affected by the hurricane. They are also matching cash donations made by Honest employees, up to $1,200.

Wondering how you can help? Here are some of ideas by Honestly:

  1. Donate money. Monetary donations are the quickest way to help, no matter where you live. National nonprofits like American Red Cross and Salvation Armyare collecting dedicated donations online, as are local funds like those set up by United Way Houston and the Greater Houston Community Foundation.
  2. Supply products. The Texas Diaper Bank accepts cash donations, as well as diapers and other essentials dropped off or mailed to their location. Current requests from responding diaper banks include diapers, formula, feminine care, personal care and cleaning products.
  3. Give to food banks. A number of food banks will be aiding the affected region.The Houston Press has shared a list of all food banks in the area, and Feeding Texas is helping to coordinate donation collection and distribution. Most of these food banks accept online cash donations as well as in-kind —  you can call directly to find out what is needed most.

See other ideas to help those affected by #HurricaneHarvey at Honestly >

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