Matchy-match nudes with CND Shellac and Vinylux

Looking to give one of your summer-baby best buds a ladies night out? Why not have treat yourselves to a mani-pedi night with CND Shellac manicure and a Vinylux pedicure?

With the latest nude and berry colour trends, CND has just released new match-ups to choose from to elegantly match all skin tones, as known as Project Echo.

The Nude to Berry shade lineup features the following bestselling Shellac and Vinylux nudes of  Nude Knickers, Satin Pajamas, Rosebud and Married to the Mauve.  All of these shades are neutral and able to flatter all skin tones .

If you’re wondering how to find the right shade to match your skin tone, maybe try the “nipple” test,
like how the ladies of Lady Like on Buzzfeed did in this video, if you’re not too shy to ask someone to take a look to match.

Happy Gifting!

CND Vinylux Polishes

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