Gift Ideas found at VEG Expo 2017

While I lived near Commercial Drive, I shared the top floor of an old house with a couple of roommates. Ken was a chef in a high-end downtown restaurant and Edie was a top-notch lifesaver with first aid at concerts and working on finishing her nursing studies.

One of my favourite things about living with roommates is sharing various foods and drinks. Thinking back, there were so many times I felt guilty when I offered them snacks and forgot about the many food allergies and sensitivities they both had.

Here are vegetarian or vegan snack ideas to pick up or add to your gift baskets that we found during our visit to VEG Expo this year in Vancouver.

For your Saucy Friends

Douglas loves his hot sauce. I am hit and miss with most spicy things.  We found different bottles of sweet, spicy and jerk sauces by Gourmet 416.

Organic Mustard Gift Sets by Wild Craft.
For those that love Ghost Peppers, keep an eye out for Gatehouse Plantation Inc’s hot sauce.

Sushi Quinoa

For those looking to cut down the use of white rice with their sushi, there’s golden Sushi Quinoa by Top Tier Foods.

For the Crunchy Snack Lovers

I’m in between munching on savory and sweets snacks. As an alternative to mass manufactured carbs, there are flavoured Coconut Clusters and Veggie Clusters by Hippie Snacks.

For the Chocolate-Lovers

Chocolate Glop

For a vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free option to chocolate, there’s Chocolate Glop by Kapow Now!

Bija Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

For the dark chocolate lover, there is a variety of flavours to choose from Bija’s Organic Fair Trade Chocolate line.

For the Frozen Treats – Ice Cream Lovers

Though I’m not strictly lactose intolerant, there are days when I have too much milk products and my body and I decide to not get along. My favourite aspects about eating ice cream is not only the creaminess, but the taste and blend of different ingredients together.

Tubify offers a great blend of organic icy treats that are jammed packed with fruit.

Frozen Coconut offers a wide range of creamy non-dairy dessert with high quality vegan ingredients.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…

For on-the-go single servings, there are little tubs and bars available from Screamin Brothers.

Happy Gifting!

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